10 African startups that rocked 2014

10 African startups that rocked 2014

Snapscan is a mobile payments system that works using QR codes. The South Africa based startup won MTN App of the Year in 2013 and used the prize money to set up all of Cape Town’s Big Issue magazine vendors with "snapcodes" so that they can accept payments via the app. HIDE CAPTION





45678910 Editor’s note: Nigerian new media entrepreneur Loy Okezie is the Founder and Chief Editorial Officer of Techloy.com , a leading source of technology news, opinion and analysis. Lagos, Nigeria (CNN) — 2014 has been another amazing year for startups in Africa.More and more entrepreneurs turned their attention to building businesses that can solve the continent’s problems and provide services it has long awaited.Enterprises emerged to fix problems in payments, traffic and talent, while more entrepreneurs raised more money from investors than ever before.Here, in no particular order are 10 of the most exciting young companies of the year.The list includes the startups I consider to have the most potential, to be the most viable — not necessarily the most popular or hyped. Where: Kenya In a nutshell: Uber-style motorbike delivery service. What’s unique: Africa has delivery services and courier services but never before Uber-style so […]

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