Why Rwanda Can Ignore the BBC Documentary but Africa Should Not


On October 1, viewers of the BBC were treated to a documentary titled Rwanda’s Untold Story, in which the producers claim to provide an alternative view of events that led to the 1994 genocide in Rwanda during and after.

The documentary, works of Producer Director John Conro and Reporter Jane Corbin, could arguably be considered as a revisionist attempt of denying facts or distorting the same about the genocide of 1994, in an effort to push for an agenda that may not be clearly obvious.

As you watch along, one quickly discovers that the narrative of this documentary is clearly designed to call into question events surrounding the 1994 genocide by, for example, questioning official numbers of those who died, and accusing the then Rwanda Patriotic Front of crimes of genocide in an attempt to undermine the moral standing of the leadership in Kigali.

In my view a couple of things have contributed to this intensity of scrutiny on Rwanda that we often see in western media, and perhaps the basis of such a documentary.

One is Kigali’s attitude of defiance of status quo where it appears unfair or unjust to Rwanda or Africa, second is its foreign policy which many consider hawkish, […]

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