Certificate forgery: Kano poly rector clears self

Certificate forgery: Kano poly rector clears self

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KANO – The embattled Rector of the Kano Polytechnic who was accused of forging his PhD certificate, Professor Yusuf Al-Hassan Friday presented empirical evidence to clear the air over the controversy.

The American trained intellectual who hosted reporters in his office displayed original copies of his disputed credentials pointing out that “its up to you guys to scrutinize and tell the world your findings”.

A visitation panel set up by Kano state Government that was headed Professor AT Abdullahi came up with damming report last week that raised credibility question over the Rector’s academic laurel.

Professor Al Hassan stated that “left to me, I would have let go the controversy but the fact that the reputation of the state, the institution I serve is at stake compelled me to present the other side of the story”.
Professor Al-Hassan, who spent 30 years in the States studying and Teaching, was appointed Rector by Governor Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso eight months ago and stepped into murky water of controversy when he submitted photocopy of his credentials to the visitation panel who indicated in their report that Rector forged […]

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