East Africa: Sonarwa Stays the Course

SONARWA is one of the oldest insurance companies in Rwanda. Management is determined to increase the penetration of insurance in Rwanda from the 1.6% before the company then expands across East Africa. Allen Karungi Gatete , the Head of Corporate Communications recently spoke to East African Business Week’s Agnes Bateta about the company plans.

Being an insurance company that has been operating for quite some time in Rwanda, what are the main highlights in your history that you would like to share with our readers?

SONARWA has been in Rwanda for over 40 years and therefore this means that we understand Rwandans and their insurance needs. Being the leaders for such a long time, this means that we have a heritage of understanding the Rwandans needs and so far we are doing great since the insurance sector is growing and we are growing with them.

What products does SONARWA sell to Rwandans?

SONARWA as an insurance company, we have two types of insurance which are Life Assurance, and General Insurance. In life we have education insurance, pension plans, loan protection, group life, family protection, which is long term insurance and in general which is short term, we […]

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