Kenya opens state-of-the-art cargo hub in Nairobi to build competitiveness

In April this year, Kenya Airways (KQ) opened a state-of-the-art cargo express centre at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. The centre is aimed at improving KQ’s cargo revenue as part of its turnaround strategy “Operation Pride” while catering to the needs of premium cargo clients who require express services. In an interview to Twinkle Sahita, Peter Musola, General Manager, Kenya Airways Cargo , talks about the new facility and how it will be a one-stop solution for airlines and freight forwarders to enhance efficiency in e-commerce logistics. Musola shares the carrier’s focus on pharmaceuticals and highlights other strategic moves to maintain competitiveness with other carriers in Africa as well as across the globe.

Building competitiveness

How has Q1 2017 been for Kenya Airways Cargo?
We are seeing a remarkable growth in our total traffic. Year on year, we have seen a growth of about 5.1 percent which is very positive. Secondly, we have also invested heavily in infrastructure. In April, we launched a state-of-the-art express centre in Africa, which will position our airline perfectly well for the expansion of the express product as well to tap e-commerce opportunities. We are also looking at enhancing our warehouse quality. We have engaged special pharmaceutical consultants who are going to help us to obtain CEIV and GDP certifications. We believe that these strategic moves will really entrench Kenya Airways as a formidable carrier for the future.

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