Acre Africa launches its operations in Kenya

 Regional micro-insurance firm, Acre Africa, has officially launched its operations in Kenya, to provide insurance cover to smallholder farmers against climate-associated risk.

The firm intends to invest across the agricultural value chain, in partnership with other players, to develop localized solutions that reduce risk and unlock the potential of agriculture in Kenya. Acre Africa already operates in Rwanda and Tanzania.

Speaking during the launch, Mr. Marco Ferroni, Chairman, Acre Africa said that provision of insurance covers to farmers would support growth of the agricultural sector in Kenya.

“The agricultural sector is Kenya’s main economic mainstay.  Provision of insurance covers to farmers against the vagaries of weather and other risks will boost agricultural output,” added Ferroni.

The CEO of Acre Africa, Dr. CJ Jones said that by designing products that cushion farmers against stress and potential damage from climate variables, it would help inspire a new generation of farmers across Africa, thus unlocking the full potential of agriculture.

“We are determined to champion a paradigm shift towards equity, fairness and innovation in the agricultural sector.  Majority of the farmers are small holder farmers.  The agriculture insurance market in Kenya focuses mainly on large scale farmers, therefore Acre Africa seeks to address this problem […]

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