African farmers to access drought resistant maize variety

African farmers to access drought resistant maize variety next year

Maize farmers in Africa who have made perennial losses in the past from drought and pests are likely to start making profits, thanks to a research partnership that included national research institutes.

Similarly, insects have proved a challenge for small scale maize farmers in Africa who have little to no resources to effectively manage them.

During drought, maize is particularly susceptible to pests and farmers can experience complete crop loss with devastating effects to their families.

But the good news is that the Water Efficient Maize for Africa (WEMA) that was formed in 2008 to help address effects of drought and insect pest pressure in a cost effective way for African smallholder farmers is expected to bring to the market new resistant maize varieties next year.

"We are bringing to the table a new drought tolerant maize variety in the year 2013 to help save farmers from making loses," The project Manager Dr.Sylvester Oikeh said in Nairobi on Tuesday during a regional stakeholders meeting.

The forum was attended by scientists and policy makers from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa and Mozambique.He disclosed that the first two varieties that were developed at Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI) have been undergoing viability tests at the National […]

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