Kenya Airways’ owned Jambo Jet eyes regional flights in expansion plan

 Jambo jet plans to stabilize its key routes in the country and extend its services to the East Africa region.

Already the company, which is celebrating its second anniversary, intends to acquire two new air crafts in May and November this year so as to ensure their operations are smooth.

The airline which is an affiliate of Kenya Airways said their aim is to ensure there are no longer unnecessary delays, and provides efficient services to their clients in the existing routes before venturing outside the country.

Jambo jet CEO Willem Hondius told journalists that the company has already acquired a new aircraft (in January) which is already in service on its key routes.

Speaking during the official handing over of a water reservoir project at Manda primary school in Lamu on Thursday, Hondius said delays experienced by the flight will be no more.

In December, the airline experienced massive delays that led to complaints by many passengers.Hondius said the company had planned to have the new airline before December but it was delivered in January. 

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