Mugabe’s punishing 2015 workload including both SADC and AU chairman

Mugabe’s punishing 2015 workload


PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe, turning 91 in February, has a punishing workload in the New Year at home and on the continent as he assumes the chairship of the African Union in addition to heading Sadc and presiding over a crumbling economy.

Elias Mambo/Herbert Moyo

This has raised concerns over the ability of Mugabe, currently on a month-long vacation in the Far East, to cope given his advanced age and deteriorating health.

Not only will Mugabe return home in January to Zimbabwe’s stubborn economic meltdown that showed signs of quickening this year exacerbated by widening cracks in his deeply divided Zanu PF party, he will also have to summon every ounce of energy to deal with a hectic, energy-saping schedule.

After his return on January 15 Mugabe is scheduled to chair a Sadc troika on Politics, Defence and Security meeting on the political crisis in Lesotho. He will also attend an African Union (AU) summit in Addis Ababa on January 30 and 31 where he will assume the continental organ’s chair.Currently, the chair is held by Mauritanian president Mohamed Abdel Aziz on a one-year rotational period. The position rotates among the five regions of the continent.However, political analysts say given Mugabe’s […]

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