Netcare records strong S.African trading performance on back of demand for private healthcare

Netcare records strong S.African trading performance

Netcare has said that its financial results reflect a strong trading performance from its South African operations. Netcare says the demand for private healthcare in South Africa is expected to remain strong. PHOTO: Coker Group Report “The South African operations delivered a strong performance. The division’s growth was largely organic in line with higher demand for private healthcare,” the group said.

“Cost management and operational efficiencies enabled the business to achieve solid operational leverage.”

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In light of the Ebola epidemic that has severely impacted West Africa, Netcare indicated that it is taking all the necessary steps to minimise the risk of the virus spreading to South Africa.

“With the Ebola pandemic affecting large areas of West Africa and the potential risk of it spreading to South Africa, Netcare has developed comprehensive policies and procedures to manage this risk. We have also conducted extensive training of our personnel,” it said.

“In addition, all patients with a travel history to and from Africa in the last 30 days are comprehensively screened prior to admission. Netcare has donated four fully equipped ambulances to Liberia to assist them in treating this pandemic.”The private hospital group, which released […]

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