Philips research centre in Kenya to transform African ‘society, business and government’

Philips research centre to transform African ‘society, business and government’

Dutch consumer electronics company Philips will open a new innovation centre in Kenya which will look into improving African lives through research and development into technologies including solar power and LED lighting technology.

The company announced that the Philips Innovation Africa Innovation Hub will focus on research and development into issues including healthcare, lighting and healthy living. Work will be done on creating new inventions and bringing them to market.

The centre will be located in Kenya’s capital Nairobi, at the Philips East African HQ. According to Philips the hub will work in close collaboration with the “R&D ecosystem” of Kenya and Africa, and the company claims it is currently in negotiations with local organisations and universities over R&D collaborations. The centre will also share knowledge and expertise with Philips research labs in Bangalore, Shanghai and the Dutch city of Eindhoven.

In addition to developing market ready models combining solar power with LED lighting, aimed at making clean and affordable lighting accessible to rural communities that are geographically unable to access grid networks, the centre will also work on areas including the development of smokeless cooking stoves which can reduce carbon dioxide emissions produced during cooking by […]

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