Pinpoint media consumption tool to go live in Nigeria

Media consumption and audience tracking tool for the African continent, Pinpoint, will go live in Nigeria this month (March 2014) following its reported successful launch in Ghana. Developed by research and strategy company, Dashboard Marketing Intelligence, and advertising and media expert, Dave Kelly, Pinpoint supports more effective media buying in Africa by tracking media consumption across countries where information is scarce or irregular.

How it works

Advertisers need data to buy media placements effectively. Data is drawn from a demographically representative sample across each city in the survey. Specialised field teams capture and upload interviews in real time using mobile and GPS technology.

Dashboard collates and reports the data via an interactive web interface which allows users to personalise their view of the information, as well as simply export it for sharing and planning purposes.

Biggest benefit

According to Dashboard managing partner, Peter Searll, one of the biggest benefits of Pinpoint is that the data is available soon after fieldwork, enabling media decisions to be made within a relevant time frame. This means that the first Nigerian data will be available mid-April. Searll says users are able to profile and size TV and radio station audiences, review […]

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