Real Estate: Moroccan Group Addoha Unveils New Strategic Plan

CASABLANCA, Morocco–( BUSINESS WIRE )–Following the January 13 th , 2015 Board of Directors meeting held by Addoha Group, a leading actor in real estate in Morocco and in Africa, a new strategic plan was adopted, aiming to take the company’s operations to the next level.

This plan, entitled “Generation Cash”, is based on a renovated strategic vision of the company, aiming to reach four major goals : improving cash flow operations, reducing debts and operating cash needs, as well as raising the level of dividends per share by the end of the fiscal year 2014.

The Basics of this program are strongly underlying the fundamentals of the business model of the company, which has a property reserve of nearly 5,000 hectares -including 900 considered as strategic- combined with a stock of around 16,000 finished units.

In addition, Addoha group has customer receivables that match nearly 10 months of turnover, which are the subject of special attention within the strategic program in order to reduce their level significantly.

As a continuation of these efforts, Addoha is targeting an ultimate goal of reducing the group’s debt by 33% by 2017 and financial expenses by almost 40%.

To support the implementation of the program, a strategic […]

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