Scientific Innovation in Africa

Science Africa

With a digital and mobile revolution already in full force across the African continent, satellites and who is in control of them are becoming increasingly important.

South Africans are leading the way with their National Space Agency (SANSA) operations in Hartebeesthoek, Gauteng.  With an antennae farm of over 22 antennae and orbcomms, as well as a mission control centre and operations room tracking and downloading satellite data, the facility is designed to grow. SANSA is currently assisting the Ghanaian government to re-purpose an old mobile-phone facility, in Ghana’s first steps towards participation in the African space race.

Matloop is a polyvalent wireless communicatio, or PWC, system. This is a system that allows the simultaneous provisioning of telephony, internet and video services from a satellite broadband connection without using any landline cable such as fiber optics. Dr Victor Agbegnenou wants to keep his invention in the hands of Africa and believes it should be delivered to the continent without the intervention of large Western technology companies.

His PWC system is being tested as a way to connect medical laboratories throughout the continent. Agbegnenou is Togolese but based in Paris, where he has gathered a large community of scientists from the diaspora who are all committed to […]

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