Tanzania: Logistics Firm to Boost Dar Port Efficiency

Trade Mark East Africa (TMEA) has come up in support for the big result now (BRN) to increase Dar es Salaam Port efficiency in the next three years.

TMEA has set aside over 60 million US dollars (102bn/-) to increase efficiency that would see, among other things, reduction by almost half from nine to four days of container dwelling time.

TMEA Tanzania Country Director, Dr Josaphat Kweka, said they were working hand in hand with the government to raise competitiveness at Dar port under BRN.

"We have taken some key points under BRN to increase Dar port competitiveness and working on them," Dr Kweka said during the launch of logistic innovation for trade (LIFT) fund.

The country representative said the idea was to support the government initiative on increasing efficiency in the next three years under BRN.

Some areas which TMEA will support BRN are port logistic and infrastructures, operating system and port effectiveness.Apart from BRN support, TMEA also launched LIFT Fund where in the first round of funding 16 million US dollars have been set towards reducing logistics and transport costs through innovative solutions.The LIFT challenge fund will make a real contribution to improved trade and prosperity in East Africa by providing grants […]

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