Top e-commerce friendly countries in Africa

Top e-commerce friendly countries in Africa

With internet penetration rapidly spreading across Africa, e-businesses Africa Internet Group has evaluated and ranked the continent’s top seven e-commerce friendly countries.

According to advisory firm McKinsey and Co. consumer facing industries in Africa are predicted to grow by over $400 million in 2020. This includes e-commerce, which is gaining momentum throughout the region.

McKinsey offers a new way to estimate the importance of e-commerce – known as iGDP, it measures the percentage that e-commerce contributes to the GDP of a country.

Below is a list of the top seven countries in Africa where iGDP is significant:


This country leads the pack in Africa with an iGDP of 3.3%. Initiatives like the Jjiguene Tech Hub – Jjiguene means ‘woman’ in Wolof – are designed by women for women in Senegal, it aims to help women enter the world of IT driven businesses.The potential for this initiative has been recognized by a number of investors including IT giant Microsoft. Kenya: Close on the heels of Senegal is Kenya, with an iGDP of 2.9%. The previous president of Kenya launched a $14.5 billion project earlier this year to build a city to shape African tech businesses – something similar to the Silicon Valley; […]

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