UMEME: Police Investigates $2.8m Bulb Theft Saga

A team of Police officers have pitched camp at the Umeme Limited head offices on Rwenzori House in Kampala to investigate a Shs 10 billion free energy-saving bulbs project.

The police are trying to find out how the government- supported project has been bungled, with most of the bulbs now being sold in shops and supermarkets around Kampala.

Both the police and Umeme have confirmed to The Observer that an investigation is ongoing, although they say it is still at a preliminary stage.

Senior Commissioner of Police Joseph Obwana, who is also the head of investigations at the Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID), confirmed that the police are investigating the bulb saga at Umeme.

The senior legal manager for Umeme, Allan Rwakakooko, also told us: “It is true Police is investigating the allegations that some bulbs were not delivered.”

For Umeme, the prospect of these energy-saving bulbs being stolen does not hurt them financially. Instead, the theft of the free energy-saving bulbs hurts the consumers, who paid money to Umeme, through power bills, to have the bulbs bought and distributed.

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