Importance of education to refugees

Central African Republic: The importance of being educated

Democratic Republic of the Congo, January 31 (UNHCR) – The worst thing about being a refugee for many of the young people in northern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is missing out on their education. This is especially true for those, like Yesson, who were in secondary or tertiary education before fleeing from Central African Republic to save their lives over the past year.

“We thought that we would find schools and that universities would be organized,” the 25-year-old told UNHCR in Mole Refugee Camp, which is located 35 kilometres from the nearest big town – Zongo – and provides shelter to more than 9,000 refugees. That includes about 1,000 young people who were in secondary school or tertiary education back home.

There is a primary school in the Mole camp, where the Central African Republic syllabus is studied by 650 children. The school is currently being extended to host a further 650 children who have arrived since December 5, when fresh inter-communal violence flared in Central African Republic. But there is no secondary school.

Yesson was perhaps a bit naïve in expecting a […]

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