2 To start engineering manufacturing factory in Ghana

2 To start engineering manufacturing factory in Ghana

Charles Laba (right), Chairman of the GMEA Group, explaining a point during a panel discussion at the launch A Ghanaian oil and gas company, Geronimo Oil and Gas Services Company, has partnered an Italian project management, manufacturing and service company, Euroguarco, to build a factory in Ghana.

The partnership between the Geronimo Oil and Gas Services Company, a subsidiary of multi-national GMEA Group and Euroguarco, would provide solutions for companies and businesses in the fields of manufacturing, mining, oil and gas, construction, engineering and all heavy industries in the country and other West African states.

The factory is expected to provide hardware facilities such as sealing, piping, valves and insulation products for the oil and gas, petrochemical process, railways engineering and marine industries.

Partnership launch

At the launch of the partnership in Accra last Wednesday, the Chairman of the GMEA Group, Charles Laba, said the establishment of the factory would bring substantial gains to industries, businesses and employment in the country.

He said the results of the partnership would particularly benefit the mining, oil and gas, engineering, construction and the manufacturing sectors.

He said the factory would afford companies and businesses in the oil and gas, mining, construction and engineering sectors the opportunity to procure the materials they needed for their operations locally without having to import them.

Mr Laba expressed concern that currently, there was no factory in the country that could provide the material and service solutions to the companies in the oil and gas, mining, and construction sectors, and that companies and businesses had to rely on imports.

“In the heavy industries — oil and gas, mining and the steel industries — anytime there is a need for the installation of a new process, they have to order the equipment from overseas,” he noted.

He added that importing hardware from overseas, apart from increasing production cost, also delayed the production process.

Mr Laba said the factory would be able to manufacture and supply the relevant equipment with specifications of all its clientele in the country at a cheaper cost compared to the cost of importation. Employment He said apart from the factory coming in to provide equipment solutions to Ghanaian companies and businesses, it would create employment opportunities for Ghanaian skilled labour.The GMEA Group chairman said the factory would employ between 300 and 500 people within the first year of its operation, noting that these employees include engineers and fabricators.Mr Laba said the […]

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