“I wouldn’t have my children without plasma donors” says Radcliffe mum

"I wouldn't have my children without plasma donors" says Radcliffe mum


A MUM is calling for more plasma donors in Bolton after kindhearts enabled her to have children.

Danielle Morley, 37, a Radcliffe sales director, developed a blood disorder, immune thrombocytopenic purpra (ITP) in her first pregnancy.

Her immune system attacked her own platelets, the tiny cells that make blood clot, putting her at risk of fatal bleeding. ITP can happen after a virus or vaccination, but the cause is unknown.

Symptoms can include pin prick blood rashes, bruising, nosebleeds, bleeding gums, black mouth blisters, fatigue and heavy periods.

She was treated with more than 50 intravenous infusions of immunoglobulin, a medicine made from donated plasma.

Danielle, now mum to Ethan, Ilan and Mattan, said: “When I was first diagnosed they said my platelet levels would continue to drop and there was a risk of internal bleeding which can ultimately be life threatening.

“This is why supporting plasma donation is such a big thing for me. The only reason I was able to continue having children is they knew immunoglobulin worked for me and it would help me boost my platelet levels straight away.

“I just wouldn’t have all my children without immunoglobulin, made from plasma donations. Immunoglobulin has been a life saver.”

Meryn Morgan, chief executive of the ITP Support Association, said the disorder affects 5,000 people in the UK each year.

He added: "Treatment was by steroids which was not always successful, or a splenectomy. Thankfully today, there are many more options including immunoglobulin derived from plasma donations.“ITP patients like Danielle, and others with autoimmune conditions, who rely on immunoglobulin, are indebted to donors who donate their plasma.”To donate plasma, call 0300 123 23 23, search ‘donate plasma’ or visit www.blood.co.uk/plasma.To find out more about the ITP Support Association visit www.itpsupport.org.uk/ Car salesman suffered fracture after punch in face from boss ‘It’s a bit of death trap’: Locals help mum and daughter out of overturned car Woodland tragedy of depressed dad-of-four New school bid for field leads to protest petition

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