May Day : Over 10,000 people schooled on proper handwashing procedure in Ghana

A Member Of The Lifebuoy Team Demonstrating The Proper Way To Wash The Hands Workers in Ghana have joined their counterparts around the world to commemorate International Workers’ Day, also referred to as May Day.

The day is used to celebrate workers for their contribution to national development as well as remember those who have committed to the development of the trade union movement and protection of workers’ rights globally.

In Ghana, the day was marked under the auspices of the Trade Union Congress with the theme: “Sustainable pensions for all; the role of social partners”. Parades were held in all regional capitals with the national ceremony at the Independence Square in Accra.

Common features of such parades are handshakes, wiping of sweats, holding of organisational flags and placards as well as use of available toilets – usually the mobile ones. One facility that most of these portable toilets lack, is handwashing basins.

Taking a cue from the sub theme; “…the role of social partners”, the Lifebuoy team at Unilever Ghana responded to the challenge by ensuring that hands were clean, at all times, during the parade held at the Independence Square.

They deployed handwashing stations at vantage points in the Independence Square to offer fellow workers and other patrons an opportunity to wash their hands after engaging in any activity that dirtied their hands.

This formed part of the brand’s Social Mission, to create awareness and educate Ghanaians about the importance of washing hands with soap under running water – before breakfast, lunch, dinner, after using the toilet and during daily baths. It was the Lifebuoy team’s contribution to ensuring a healthy workforce that would live long after retirement.

Apart from being given soap to wash their hands under running water, patrons were taught the proper way of handwashing and samples of Lifebuoy soap were given out to enable them to continue the newly acquired habit. The rationale was to save them from any discomfort that may result from eating without washing their hands. Through this activation over 10,000 people got the chance to learn the proper handwashing procedure.

Handwashing with soap under running water is very important. This stems from the fact that it is an economical way of preventing the spread of germs and infections from one person to another. Through this simple and heathy practice, diseases such as cholera, influenza and respiratory infections can be prevented.

Undoubtedly Lifebuoy, the world’s number one selling […]

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