Raise the consciousness of society to their rights-SIC

Raise the consciousness of society to their rights-SIC

SIC Mr Faris Attrickie, General Manager in Charge of Technical Operations, SIC Insurance Company PLS has challenged the media to raise the consciousness of society to their rights to ensure that health professionals do not take their clients for granted.

He said the heart and wellbeing of the citizenry of any nation was the greatest asset of that country stressing that citizens owed it a duty of care to each other and if one failed, the other earned a right actionable in court of competent jurisdiction.

He added that “when we lose one person through death who has certain levels of potential, that potential is gone, we know and hear the usual cases where people complain that they lost a relative because of the negligence of a health professional.”

He therefore tasked the media educate the public on their rights and responsibilities.

Mr Attrickie, who was speaking at the seventh “Tema Regional Office of the Ghana News Agency Stakeholder Engagement and Workers’ Appreciation Day,” seminar urged the media to discuss issues which affected society and social development.

According to him, to raise the level of education of the citizenry to exercise their rights against instances, where they believed injury, disease or death was due to negligence.

He said medical malpractices formed the basis for a legal case of action that would be held against health professionals “if by their negligence or error of commission or omission, their client suffered any death, injury or disease”.

Mr Attrickie stated that in the New Insurance Act, Act 1061 of 2021, Section 216, the medical institution needed to have professional indemnity cover, wwhicg was one of the newly introduced compulsory insurances that compelled any employer to insure employees and failure to do so was guilty and would pay a fine or serve a term in prison or both.

Mr Francis Ameyibor, Tema Regional Manager of GNA noted that the stakeholder engagement was a progressive media caucus platform created to give the opportunity to state and non-state stakeholders to interact with journalists and address national issues.

He said modern journalism practices demanded dynamic approach to issues that affected society, through which the media provided a platform for proactive engagement and exchange of ideas towards shaping national development.
According to him, it was essential for the media to champion national discussions and ensure that they carried everyone along the discourse, in the market place, the rural area and communities.
Mr Ameyibor noted that: “The […]

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