Total Ghana enhances rewards for commercial drivers on 1st Anniversary of Troxi Club

At the end of each month, the top 300 drivers in terms of fuel purchases receive a gift of free fuel Total Petroleum Ghana Limited (TOTAL Ghana) has introduced additional rewards for the benefit of members of the TOTAL TROXI Club, a Loyalty Scheme for Commercial drivers in Ghana which was launched in July 2018.

The objective is to give relief to Trotro and Taxi drivers including Motorcyclists through savings on fuel and vehicle maintenance costs and reward offers.

Speaking at one of the 1st Anniversary celebration events held at 37 Lorry Station on 26th July 2019, Geena Bimpong, the Area Manager of Accra-West, said that for the past one year of the existence of the TOTAL TROXI Club, over 37,000 rewards have been given to various members of the Club. This is in addition to the savings made by all members through instant discounts on fuels and Lubes.

All members also have access to a Group Personal Accident Insurance cover worth up to Ghc6000, from which some members of the Club, who suffered various injuries and disabilities during the past year, have already benefited.

In commemoration of the Club’s 1st Anniversary celebrations, and in addition to existing benefits, TOTAL Ghana has introduced the "TROXI Friday" and the "TROXI Hene" Award for members.

She explained that “starting from 26th July 2019, the first 20 members of the TROXI Club who make a fuel purchase at any TOTAL Service Station on the last Friday of every month will each receive a free gift! “In addition to this, at the end of each month, the topmost member in terms of fuel purchases in the various categories of members in each of the company’s network areas, will be crowned “TROXI Hene" and rewarded with a special package.

To join the TOTAL TROXI Club, all the driver has to do is to visit the nearest TOTAL service station and sign up on the TOTAL Card. Sign up is free.

The driver also gets a free instant sign-up gift of specially branded T-Shirt and Car Sticker for his 1st Card loading of at least Ghc 50.

Every time the driver uses the Card to buy fuel or lubricants at any TOTAL Station in Ghana, he receives an instant discount.

At the end of each month, the top 300 drivers in terms of fuel purchases receive a gift of free fuel each.

Furthermore, at the end of every 3 months, drivers who meet their purchase […]

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