Total Ghana launches ‘Total Quartz 9000 Future 0W20’

Eric Fanchini, Managing Director of Total Ghana Total Petroleum Ghana Limited otherwise known as Total Ghana has introduced a new lubricant product to the Ghanaian market to help vehicles perform efficiently.

The product, ‘ Total Quartz 9000 Future 0W-20 ’, which was launched in Accra last week is a fully synthetic high-performing engine oil specially tailored for optimal operation of the latest generation petrol engine, with or without emission control devices.

Eric Fanchini, the Managing Director of Total Ghana, described the new addition to the ‘ Total Quartz ’ range of lubricants as “an innovative product designed to meet the modern technological trend in the automotive world and to ensure motorist comfort”.

He added, “the product delivers reduced maintenance cost by providing excellent engine protection and cleanliness and it ensures cost savings through the reduction in fuel consumption and extended oil change interval”. Total Quartz 9000 Future 0W-20 has gone through rigorous test and has the approvals of major international bodies such as the ‘International Lubricants Standardization and Approval Committee (ILSAC) and the American Petroleum Institute (API).

It also meets the requirements of many Asian and American car manufacturers where the API SN, ILSAC GF-5 performances are compulsory.

Henry Adzewodah, the Lubricants Manager of Total Ghana, emphasized on “Total Ghana’s commitment to better energy through the consistent introduction of a variety of products to help vehicles perform efficiently as prescribed by vehicle manufacturers”.

He stated that “over the years, the company has constantly researched and delivered into the market top-notch products like the Total Quartz Ineo , Total Quartz 9000, Total Quartz 7000 and Total Quartz 4×4 amongst other lubricants and it will keep innovating to bring value to the customer”.

Total Quartz 9000 Future 0W-20 , which is available in 5 litres and 1-litre gallon, is available in all Total service stations and distributor outlets across the country.

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