Treat customers as partners and help them grow beyond Ghana – Minister

Minister for Business Development, Dr Ibrahim Mohammed Awal has entreated Guinness Ghana Breweries PLC to treat their clients as partners, train them and help them grow their businesses beyond Ghana.

This, the minister believes when done will help locals compete in the West African free trade market, have their businesses booming which will give room for the unemployed to gain jobs.

During the official launch of the Guinness ‘Y3n Nyin bom’ promo at the Guinness Ghana Brewery Limited in Accra, the minister urged Guinness Ghana to derive all their raw materials for the production of drinks from Ghanaian farmers.

He said “I think you must source 100% raw materials from Ghanaian farmers so that we can create the job for the farmers…please go beyond the 55% of sourcing locally to 100%. If you can do that in the next 3 to 5 years that would have been very good to Ghanaian farmers and for Ghanaian people”.

Dr Awal also tasked Guinness Ghana Breweries PLC to educate multinationals on the need to pay their taxes to support the government to develop the country.

Speaking on the newly launched promo, Corporate Relations Director of Guinness Ghana, Obinna Anyabelechi noted that, this initiative is specifically designed for customers to enable them to experience business growth and achieve profitability.

He added the scheme will also reward customers with a mini truck, bar makeovers, as well as other amazing prizes monthly and quarterly.

Customers with outstanding performance will be selected to be rewarded monthly and quarterly. The grand prize for the overall winner will be awarded at the end of the year when the program reaches its climax.

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