Kenya: Ruto is the One Using Public Funds to Campaign, Odinga Says

Kenya: Ruto is the One Using Public Funds to Campaign, Odinga Says

Nairobi — Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Leader Raila Odinga has pointed an accusing finger at Deputy President William Ruto for using public funds to campaign across the country.

Odinga while campaign in Shinyalu, Kakamega in his day three tour in Western Kenya stated that Ruto should shun hypocrisy by claiming that money set aside for development had been diverted to fund his political campaign.

"You have seen that Ruto has stolen your funds and he is giving you money in the name of donations to the youth and women… dishing out Sh5 million and Sh1 million. Every month he uses Sh100 million for harambees yet his salary his Sh2 million. Where does he get the money?" he posed.

"Even Safaricom cannot be able to conduct harambees with his pace,"Odinga noted.

During his tour in Mombasa on Saturday , Ruto has said wheeler-dealers have derailed the government’s development agenda to advance their political interests.

Ruto said he was disappointed by the move to divert funds meant for agriculture to fund Jubilee Party campaigns.

He said: "It is not possible that this week alone, when people are dying of hunger, Shs 1 billion has been withdrawn to buy politicians back to Jubilee."

Odinga in a rejoinder scoffed at Ruto’s sentiments taunting that in his position as Deputy President he has siphoned funds aimed at development.

"He comes out barking at us calling us ‘kitendawili’ all that is rubbish,"he said.

This is even as he promised that he will deliver his 6,000 shillings monthly stipend to unemployed youth if elected president despite the criticism by his political detractors.

Odinga said the initiative, to be rolled out as a direct cash transfer programme, will be given out monthly to two million of the poorest households."Tangatanga people are saying that Odinga is lying and that he will not deliver. A promise is a debt and I Odinga know where money is and having been a Prime Minister,I know where money is,"he said.The Former Prime Minister noted that sealing of all corruption loopholes will be key to avail resources for the sustainance of the welfare programme.In his first 100 days in presidency should he win, Odinga insisted it will be a period of economic revitalization with the Mumias sugar company expected to be up and running by September this year."What I say I will deliver.We knew what ails our sugar industries be it Mumias,Sony or Chemili.We know what ails them and we have the right […]

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