Kenya launches e-centre to cut bureaucracy

Kenya launches Huduma e-centre to cut bureaucracy
Kenya launches Huduma e-centre to cut bureaucracy
President Uhuru Kenyatta (second right in pictures) logs his details at the pilot Huduma centre.

Kenya’s leader has launched a “one-stop shop” to access and pay for government services electronically in order to cut corruption and bureaucracy.

Kenya is one of Africa’s most technologically advanced countries, with a widely used mobile phone money transfer service and a cluster of tech start-ups.

A pilot centre has been set up in the capital, Nairobi, where customers can access a range of self-service counters linked to government databases.

Known as Huduma centres, they will be rolled out across the country.┬áHuduma, which means “service” in Swahili, is part of a government plan to fully digitise government services.

President Uhuru Kenyatta said public inefficiency had bred corruption, wasted time and “cost billions”.

“I urge Kenyans to expect and demand the highest service standards. I also remind all public servants that rude, reluctant, slow, or negligent service is illegal,” Mr Kenyatta said.

It was also matter of urgency for all government departments to digitise and automate their records and procedures, he added.

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