African moon mission seeks cash for first phase

African moon mission seeks cash for first phase

A group of African space enthusiasts have taken to the internet to raise money for what they say will be the continent’s first moon mission.

Africa2Moon’s main goal is to send a probe to orbit or land on the moon and beam back video images that will be passed on to African classrooms using the internet. The project aims to use space exploration to encourage young Africans to embrace science careers.

The project, conceived by the South African non-profit Foundation for Space Development, has turned to the crowdfunding website CauseVox to help finance the mission’s first phase up to November next year.

During this initial phase, the Foundation says work will be done to develop the final mission concept, carry out an associated feasibility study and hold outreach events.

Since fundraising began on 25 November, the project has brought in more than US$12,700  of the US$150,000 the Foundation hopes to raise by the end of January. “Advancing an ambitious space project can contribute to getting more people that can join our industry.”

Sias Mostert, Space Advisory Company “The main driver behind this mission is inspiring the youth of Africa to believe that space exploration … is […]

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