AIDS Is No. 1 Killer of African Teenagers

AIDS Is No. 1 Killer of African Teenagers

As AIDS becomes the leading cause of death of adolescents in Africa, empowering youth – especially girls – to make safe life choices and avoid HIV is crucial. Two years ago, Shola* was kicked out of the family house in Abeokuta, in southwestern Nigeria, after testing HIV-positive at age 13. He was living with his father, his stepmother and their seven children.

“The stepmother insisted that Shola must go because he is likely to infect her children,” Tayo Akinpelu, programme director of Youth’s Future Savers Initiative , told IPS.

In Tanzania, alarmingly, HIV prevalence has not decreased among adolescents aged 15-19 between 2007 and 2012.
An estimated 165,000 adolescents live with HIV, of whom 97,000 girls and 68,000 boys. Some were born with HIV and others contracted it as children or teens.
To better understand their needs, the Tanzania Commission for AIDS conducted a survey of HIV positive teenagers aged 15-19 in seven regions.
Among its findings:
• Four […]

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