Six dead as Kenya Fears war in South Sudan could cost $53bn for EA region

Six dead as Kenya troops battle Somali gunmen; and fears war in South Sudan could cost $28bn

Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda could save $53 billion in the coming years should the war end in 2015.
ONE Kenyan soldier and five suspected Islamists insurgents loyal to Somalia’s Al-Qaeda-affiliated Shabaab fighters were killed in a battle in Kenya’s coastal Lamu district on Wednesday, the army said.

Kenyan troops, part of the UN-backed African Union force in Somalia fighting the Islamists, were travelling northwards close to the Somali border when they were attacked.

“A firefight ensued and five suspected Al-Shabaab militants were killed,” army spokesman David Obonyo said in a statement, adding that one Kenyan soldier was killed and three others wounded.

“Some militants escaped with multiple injuries, and immediately an operation was launched in pursuit.”

Kenyan troops entered southern Somalia in 2011 to fight the Shabaab rebels, later joining the AU force.

The Shabaab are fighting to overthrow Somalia’s internationally-backed government, but have also carried out a string of revenge attacks in neighbouring Kenya.Kenya’s government has been under fire since Shabaab gunmen attacked the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi in September 2013, in which at least 67 people were killed.In December the Shabaab executed 36 non-Muslim quarry workers in a Kenyan border town, following an attack in November when they killed […]

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