Sorghum farming helping the fight against illicit brews

Agriculture is a major source of employment in Kenya and the largest contributor to the country’s GDP, accounting 35.6 per cent of GDP in 2016 according to data by the World Bank. Most importantly, it is the source of livelihood for most of the rural population and the key to food security and reduction of poverty.

Farmers are not only playing a crucial role in building the economy, they are also key in the fight against illicit brewing by providing raw materials for products that Kenyans and the rest of the world love. For months on end, a farmer in Nyanza or Eastern Kenya toils and dedicates their time to produce the best quality of sorghum that is a critical raw material in the production of beer.

Today, 80 percent of raw material used at Kenya Breweries Limited (‘KBL’) is locally sourced, a milestone that has been achieved through strategic partnerships in the value chain. This has created employment for over 30,000 farmers, and continuously generates business value by supporting over 80,000 businesses.

A few years back, Illicit brews was one of the major challenges facing the country, with thousands of youths opting for drinks such as chang’aa, which were cheap but often posed serious dangers to their health. The products, contaminated with methanol and other concoctions, eventually caused blindness and resulted in death.

This led to the introduction of Senator Keg in the Kenyan market which is now providing a safe, affordable beer that is in the center of the fight against […]

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