Summary of gay laws across Africa

Anti-gay laws are political boon across Africa

Uganda ‘s president recently approved a controversial law further criminalizing homosexuality and imposing strict sentences for aspects of homosexuality and on those who fail to report gay people to authorities. The country is the latest in a series of African nations to toughen such laws.
Here’s a look at the range, and at reactions.

Q: Many countries in Africa are culturally conservative. Is homosexuality illegal throughout the continent?

There is no law against it in 16 of the continent’s 54 countries, including Rwanda, Gabon, Chad, Cape Verde, Mali, and the Republic of Congo. In South Africa, same-sex couples have been able to adopt children since 2002, and have had marriage rights equal to those of heterosexual couples since 2006. The island nations of Mauritius, São Tomé and Príncipe, and the Seychelles have promised to scrap laws against being gay. But more countries are moving in the other direction, inking new legislation further criminalizing homosexuality. According to Amnesty International, the 38 African countries that now outlaw being gay represent close to half of the 78 nations the United Nations says ban homosexuality worldwide.

Q: Where have the laws become more harsh?

Most recently in Uganda, President […]

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