Africans need to improve negotiation skills for better mineral dals

Africa Urged To Enhance Negotiation Skills In Power Sector NAIROBI, (Xinhua) — The African Development Bank (AfDB) has urged African nations to enhance their skills in the negotiation of power purchase agreements in the energy sector. Regional Director Gabriel Negatu said on Monday that this will allow for the successful implementation of energy projects by the private sector. “ Public funds alone will not be able to bridge the infrastructure gap in the energy sector and therefore, engagement with the private sector to attract additional funding is highly needed,” Negatu told journalists in Nairobi during a workshop to review private sector participation in the renewable energy sector in Africa. The five-day event brought participants from African nations to discuss the role of the regulators in the preparation of a full power purchase agreement. “ However, the governments can only engage the private sector effectively if the public institutions capacity is at least at the same level of that of the private sector,” he said. Negatu added that there is an emerging trend among African countries to focus on green growth. “ […]

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