Companies hiring more African talent or diaspora rather than expats

Fifty-three percent of companies surveyed in a recent report by Ernst & Young said they expected to hire less expatriate labour in Africa over the next 12 months in favour of local talent and members of the diaspora. But when it comes to moving a Nigerian senior level manager from a high rise in London to the hustle of Lagos there’s a conundrum to be solved. How do firms offer packages attractive enough to entice the talent while still making them more affordable than importing it? And how do internationally experienced workers swallow the idea of being paid less than their expatriate counterparts especially when, after years abroad, their home countries can seem like foreign territory?

After six years in the US, Ugandan-born Ham Namakajjo moved back to Kampala to head up Google East Africa. In Los Angeles he worked with Bain and Company before exploring options in the film industry and eventually deciding that his dream to build up African cinema could only be achieved on home soil. But first he’d need a job to set himself up. Even with the weighty Google name and his senior job title, the pay packet on offer was […]

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