Sierra Leone Amisom Troops to Be Withdrawn to help with Ebola at home

Sierra Leonean troops deployed in war torn Somalia as part of an African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) are due back home early next year after they had been bade farewell by the government of Somalia.

The 850 Sierra Leonean troops, deployed in the war stricken Horn of Africa country in 2012, are going to be withdrawn because of the Ebola outbreak in the tiny West Africa country which put paid to the rotation of troops, a process well overdue.

Speaking at a farewell ceremony for the Freetown bound troops last Friday in Kismayo, President of Somalia, Hon. Hassan Sheik Mohamed, commended the soldiers for their gallantry and dedication while serving the AU peace support mission in Somalia. He lauded the troops for having the best interest of Somalia at heart, as their sole mission was to stabilize the conflict ridden country.

"I always said and I will say it again, the best gift one can give to someone else is to sacrifice his life, and that is what these troops have done, and we owe them too much," President Mohamed said at the ceremony in Kismayo, where the troops were based.

Speaking about the Ebola outbreak, which is currently ravaging the country, […]

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