Arab Spring:It’s Economics, Stupid!

The Arab Spring was birthed in Tunisia, by the self-immolation of Mohamed Bouazizi. It was not because he desired democracy or that he wanted political freedom but because he wanted the opportunity to make a better life for himself. His true desire was just to have the freedom to sell vegetables and further his station in life.

At the base of our existence is a desire to have the freedom to better ourselves and improve our situation in life. That is the true freedom we desire, freedom is not deciding our own leaders when this will not improve or affect our station in life, or having the right to air our thoughts if it is to empty ears. We desire to be free to put our thoughts into action and reap from the sweat of our brow, not hindered by malice or the ego of another. This freedom has driven us to create economies from which have sprung markets, cities, nations and this world.

At the core of the Arab Spring is the desire for this form of freedom, and until it is given the struggle will not stop. What use is a change of guard when the young cannot find a job even after a good education hence have no freedom to better their situation in life. What does it gain a people to have a new written constitution but lose their freedom to  fighting for survival each day.

Until the economics of North Africa change and give everyone an equal chance to have the freedom to pursue their dreams or as the Americans call it the pursuit of happiness, the people shall continue to march through the streets of Tunis, the squares of Cairo.

At the core of the Arab Spring, is the issue of skewed and unbalanced economics.

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