A flashback of SBL major highlights in 2019

Incorporated in 1988 as Associated Breweries, Serengeti Breweries Ltd has grown to a major player in Tanzania’s beer and spirits industry with its brands accounting for over 25% of the market by volume. The company now operates three breweries in Dar es Salaam, Mwanza and Moshi.

Since in 1996, the business has grown its portfolio of brands year on year. The majority stake acquisition by East African Breweries Ltd (EABL)/Diageo in 2010 has seen increased investment in international quality standards leading to greater job opportunities Tanzanians.

As year 2019 gets to an end, SBL is proud to wind up the year with success in its operations. The following are some of the achievements that the company has attained I 2019

Launch of the new Corporate logo

After over two decades of existence, In October this year SBL unveiled a new look corporate identity that represents the company’s transformative journey since its inception in 1996.

According to company’s Corporate Relations Director John Wanyancha, the new logo was deliberately designed and altered to reflect how the company is today and at the same time to symbolize dynamic future.

“Additionally, after careful consideration, we were keen on a new logo that reflects a more modern look that captures the imagination of our entire business ecosystem – with the overall mission of entrenching our drive to deliver quality products to our diverse customers, partners and other stakeholders,” he says

The new logo is specifically designed to stand for the attributes such as Quality, Craftsmanship, Professionalism, Dynamism, Modern, Optimism, Friendly, Warm, Open, Self-confident but not Arrogant, and it shows we work with natural ingredients.

“We believe that our new logo will continue enhancing SBL’s unique identity in the brewing industry as well as entrenching the company’s strategic mission of providing our customers with high quality products and services that exceed their expectations,” Wanyancha says.


As part of our growth agenda, SBL is currently implementing a GBP 14 million expansion at our breweries in Dar es Salaam and Moshi which once completed will create more job opportunities for Tanzanians, increase our demand for local raw materials from the farmers and lead to increased Government earnings from the business.“This expansion not only means getting additional beer production capacity for us (SBL), but it also brings more job opportunities to Tanzanians and creates further demand for barley, maize and sorghum which the company sources from local farmers,” says Wanyancha.SBL currently employs over […]

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