Identical website confusing people booking Uganda airline flight

The website shows the national carrier’s planes but it is not the official one. It has confused people seeking to book flight with the airline Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | A website with a similar domain name with the official website for the revived national carrier Uganda airlines is confusing people intending to book flights.

The national carrier runs However,, which advertises hotels, tours, and car sales in Uganda, uses colors and pictures of the national carrier.

When one puts Uganda airlines in the search engine, comes on top. This has confused several people who don’t understand what the website is about.

Sharon Kiggundu, a marketeer, wrote on Facebook that she was confused about, which website to visit to book a flight. Albert Mucunguzi, an IT expert, implored Uganda Communications Commission on Twitter, that that website must be blocked because it was confusing travelers.

The website lists Eagle House, Tunnel Road Entebbe Airport, Uganda as the company’s address. It has no phone numbers. On Twitter, the official account of Uganda Airlines told confused Ugandans that “the right steps were taken [to report the website] and await action.”

Also, on twitter, a fake account named @Uganda_Airlines, almost similar to the national carrier’s official account @UG_Airlines has left people confused on which is which. The fake one has The Fly Crane as its slogan on twitter while the genuine one has “ Official Twitter handle for the National Carrier, Uganda National Airline Company Ltd ”.

The national carrier announced on Wednesday last week that it had commenced bookings for the maiden flight slated for Wednesday August 28, 2019 on Tuesday at 11:00 am. It will take an inaugural flight to Nairobi made up of selected government officials.

Once one has found the official website of the national carrier, the booking moves smoothly without a glitch – at least this reporter didn’t find a problem. However, some people would love if the company listed the entire cost of the journey – like some airlines do – without listing price minus taxes. The taxes applied are seen when one continues to the payment options.

The payments are handled by Direct Pay Online (DPO), a company collecting payments on behalf of the airline. The payee has been provided with various options, including paying in any currency they want. Also, mobile money platforms, including M-Pesa for Kenya, Airtel money, MTN mobile money, Vodafone, and Tigo-pesa for Tanzania are […]

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