Is ‘the Pride of Africa’ not offering cheap flights this season?

FALLEN GIANT?: Kenya Airways plane at JKIA. Image: FILE During this festive season, most airlines have advertised reduced fares to various destinations globally. Unfortunately, Kenya Airways–the Pride of Africa– is not among them, even on local flights.

Maybe, it reveals reduced fares only to those wishing to fly by it. Currently, the airline has the infamy of being the most expensive. On local flights, the airline should note that there are many elderly and sickly Kenyans who cannot travel long hours either by bus or train.

The incoming CEO of the airline should strive to ensure there are more subsidised domestic flights to enable vulnerable Kenyans to travel locally to visit relatives and friends, just as it happens in many West African countries, where air travel is not viewed as a reserve of the rich as it appears to be in Kenya.

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