Kenya Airways capacity almost unchanged since 2014 as fights for survival

Kenya Airways added Italy and Switzerland to its country list last year, with Rome Fiumicino and Geneva starting in June on a four-weekly basis using the B787-8. 2019 ended with 43 countries and 57 destinations served. Kenya Airways characterises many state-owned airlines, whether with full or partial ownership. It is loss-making, heavily debt-ridden, has bloated costs, and political interference. It doesn’t really know what it wants to be, it has had multiple CEOs in a few years, and, as shown below, it has barely grown. Against all of this – and more – it is going to be renationalised. Kenya Airways up 1.2 million seats since 2010

Kenya Airways finished 2019 with 8.3 million seats, with its capacity almost back to its 2014 level. Its total seats are up just 1.2 million since 2010. As such, its dominance to, from, and within Africa has dropped from fifth (in 2010) to sixth (2014) to seventh (2019). Emirates is now more dominant to, from, within the continent. Source: OAG Schedules Analyser. Including JamboJet, Group seats up by 2.1 million since 2010

Kenya Airways’ stagnation is partly the result of JamboJet’s entrance in 2014. JamboJet obtained its own IATA code in 2017 and so its development is easier to examine. In 2019, it had 965,000 seats in all. Almost all of this was deployed domestically, with the rest to Bujumbura (Burundi), Entebbe (Uganda), Kigali (Rwanda), and Mogadishu (Somalia). However, even including JamboJet, Group seats grew just 711,000 since 2015: a CAGR of 1.6%. 57 destinations itself across 43 countries

In 2019, Kenya Airways itself served 57 destinations – its highest since 2013 – on both a non-stop and one-stop basis, with its top-10 routes/countries highlighted below. No new routes have so far been announced this year. However, last year it welcomed Italy and Switzerland, with both Rome Fiumicino and Geneva starting in June on a four-weekly basis using the B787-8. These 57 destinations were across 44 countries, falling to 43 in October after Cotonou (Benin) was cut. Cotonou was served via Douala (Cameroon), a distance of 2,447 miles, on a three-weekly basis using the E190. Mombasa 674,337 Kenya 1,251,316 Entebbe 439,616 South Africa 582,900 Johannesburg 429,830 Tanzania 556,772 Dar Es Salaam 346,624 Uganda 439,616 Dubai 268,174 Zambia 348,234 Kisumu 267,408 UAE 268,174 Mumbai 213,836 Zimbabwe 233,198 Lusaka 213,134 Congo DRC 229,830 Harare 200,156 India 213,836 Amsterdam 178,308 Netherlands 178,308 South Africa, Kenya […]

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