Meet the New ICT Ministry PS – Dr. Aminah Zawedde

Meet the New ICT Ministry PS – Dr. Aminah Zawedde

New ICT Ministry PS – Dr. Aminah Zawedde President Museveni on Thursday stunned the country when he selected Dr Aminah Zawedde – a lecturer at the School of Computing and Informatics Technology, Makerere University, to serve as Permanent Secretary Ministry of ICT and National Guidance.

Aminah, who holds a PhD (Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands), replaced Vincent Bagiire, who will serve as PS Foreign Affairs Ministry.

She starts her tenure PS as the Government of Uganda is rolling out UGhub, a systems Integration platform to enable seamless sharing of data in a rational, secure, efficient and sustainable manner a platform she has played a central role in bringing to life.

Aminah boasts a Masters in Computer Science from Makerere University, a Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Technologies from the University of Cape Town, South Africa and a Bachelor of Science in Statistics and Economics from Makerere University.

Her expertise includes; ICT advisory, business transformation, economy digitalization, research, modelling for decision support, process improvement, system integration and capacity building among others.

Dr. Aminah is a Director on the Board of Directors, National Information Technology Authority Uganda and a Non-Executive Director DFCU Group.

According to her bio on the NITA-U website, Aminah has experience as an IT consultant on both local and international projects. In addition, she is involved in projects on capacity building for sustainable ICT4D .

She’s also a member of the International System Dynamics Society, a founding member of the System Dynamics Africa Chapter and is currently the Organizing Secretary of this Chapter. She has written and published papers in IT peer reviewed journals, and presented some at international conferences.

Aminah’s colleagues say during her tenure as Board director NITA-U, owing to her role of guiding policy direction and strategies, numerous achievements were registered.

The Ugandan Government currently boasts of the largest and most stable optical fiber cable network in the country, the NBI, spanning over 4000 Kilometers and providing internet connectivity to over 1000 Government offices.

Uganda’s online space is regulated by the Data Protection and Privacy Act, the Computer Misuse Act and the Electronic Transactions Act.It was during her reign that the cost of Internet to government, through a deliberate process, dropped from 1200 US dollars per Mbps per month in 2013 to the current 70 US dollars per Mbps per month.She also spearheaded several ICT projects including the Unified Messaging and Collaboration System, a communications system rolled out in over 75 entities with over […]

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