YAKA 2021: UMEME forced to reduce rates, check out the new power tariffs

YAKA 2021: UMEME forced to reduce rates, check out the new power tariffs

The Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA) has reviewed and approved reduced electricity tariffs for 2021 in accordance with the principles of tariff calculation and the terms of supply of the licensees in the Electricity Supply Industry.

Umeme has been forced to reduce its rates, abided by the Electricity Regulatory Authority, and has notified its customers of the changes in the Electricity Retail Base Tariff rates applicable for the third quater July to September 2021.

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Due to the amendment of tariff targets for UMEME Limited and Eskom Uganda Limited, the 2021 tariff base has been revised. A domestic consumer who consumes the low Voltage single phase supplied at 240 volts will have their unit price reduced from UGX 750.9 to UGX 747.5, while a unit for commercial use now costs UGX 616.6 up from UGX 639.8.

It should be noted that Electricity retail base tariffs are subject to quarterly adjustment to reflect changes in micro-economic cost drivers. See detailed tariffs below;

Electricity Regulatory Authority confirms that the approved electricity end-user tariffs represents a weighted average reduction of 2%, relative to the electricity fees of the second quarter of 2021.

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