The solution to Africa feeding itself is clear-cut

Africa needs its own Green Revolution to feed itself

The goal must be a uniquely African green revolution that successfully adapts global experiences to local conditions. The role of smallholder farmers, who make up the majority of farmers, is crucial. (Gallo) Leaders meeting in Davos this week are confronted with critical challenges. One is how to realise the prospects of African agriculture.  Investment in […]

Khat Import Bans Cause Economic Hardship for African Farmers

Khat Import Bans Cause Economic Hardship for African Farmers

MERU, KENYA— Kenyan farmers are starting to pull out fields of khat — a leafy green plant chewed as a stimulant in the Horn of Africa and in some Arab states. More countries are banning the import and sale of the plant, and six months after a British ban went into effect, Kenyan farmers are […]

Acre Africa launches its operations in Kenya

 Regional micro-insurance firm, Acre Africa, has officially launched its operations in Kenya, to provide insurance cover to smallholder farmers against climate-associated risk. The firm intends to invest across the agricultural value chain, in partnership with other players, to develop localized solutions that reduce risk and unlock the potential of agriculture in Kenya. Acre Africa already […]