Latest Treasury Rates
UGANDA - 364 Day Treasury Bill

UGANDA - 2 Year Treasury Bond

Latest Treasury Bills

Period Yield % Inflation-adjusted Yield% Currency-adjusted Yield%
UGANDA - 364 DAY TREASURY BILL 12.30% 7.09% 15.18%

Latest Treasury Bonds

BondName Coupon % Issue Date Maturity Date
UG0000001517 17.00% 2021-08-11 2025-01-16
UG12K1405378 16.00% 2022-10-06 2037-05-14
UG12F0808242 14.00% 2022-11-03 2024-08-08
UG12F080824 14.00% 2022-08-11 2024-08-08
UG12J1301280 14.13% 2022-09-07 2028-01-13
UG12L1408420 18.50% 2022-09-07 2042-08-14
UG12G2905259 14.00% 2022-10-06 2025-05-29
UG12G2905259 14.00% 2022-10-06 2025-05-29
UG12K1405378 16.00% 2022-10-06 2037-05-14
UG12J2005328 15.00% 2022-11-03 2032-05-20

Treasury Market FAQs

What is a Treasury Bill/Bond?

A treasury bill/bond is a contract of debt with which an investor loans money to the Government.

When you purchase a treasury bill/bond, you are lending money to the Government (issuer). In return the government promises to pay you a specified rate of interest (the coupon) during the life of the bond and to repay the face value of the bond (the principal or the original amount invested) at maturity.


What is the difference between a treasury bill and bond?


Treasury Bill

Treasury Bond


It is a short-term money market instrument issued by the government.

It is a long-term capital market instrument issued by the government.

How long is your money tied up?

Issued with a maturity of one year or less.

Issued with a maturity of 2 years and more

Interest payments

Issued at discounted price, no interest payments

Not issued at discount.

Interest payments every six months


91 Day, 182 Day, 364 Day

Government Bond, Infrastructure Bond

How can I be aware of the forthcoming Bond issues? 

Use our Investor Calendar that is updated directly from the Central Bank. It gives you the ability to add auction and issue dates to your Google/Apple/Outlook calendars.


What is yield

A bond/bill yield is the amount of return an investor will realize on a treasury bill or the current market interest rate for  treasury bonds. 


How to purchase treasury bills/bonds

Fastest way is to ask your local commercial bank.

If you are looking to buy bonds over $50,000 then contact Central Bank