Most profitable companies on the Nairobi (Kenya) Stock Exchange

At MONEYINAFRICA, we focus our research and analysis on the Nairobi Stocks Exchange (NSE) to make you life easy when you are finding the companies that will make your money work for you. 

It is time for you to decide what profitable company you want to own. 

We have looked at the profits, ROE, ROA, profit margins and cashflow margins to determine the most profitable companies on the NSE Kenya – choose the one you want.

For each company there is some easy-to-understand analysis to make your due diligence quick but comprehensive. 

Happy Investing!

NCBA Group Plc is a financial services institution in Kenya offering banking products and services for the retail, commercial and corporate sectors. It also offers stock brokerage, bancassurance, leasing and investment banking services through operations in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

  • ★ Net Profit Margin: 21.46%
  • ★ Operating CashFlow Margin: 158.02%
  • ★ Return on Assets: 1.71%
  • ★ Return on Equity: 12.96%
  • ★ Net Profits: $93.26M
Latest Price: 41.05 2.62%

Carbacid (CO²) Investments Plc is a leading producer of natural food grade carbon dioxide in East Africa. The company extracts carbon dioxide gas from natural underground reservoirs which are purified on site to produce natural, certified food grade (99.

  • ★ Net Profit Margin: 48.76%
  • ★ Operating CashFlow Margin: 50.6%
  • ★ Return on Assets: 14.15%
  • ★ Return on Equity: 16.59%
  • ★ Net Profits: $5.12M
Latest Price: 17.50 2.64%


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