Burundi Insurance Corporation(BICOR) celebrates the 30th Anniversary

Burundi Insurance Corporation(BICOR) celebrates the 30th Anniversary

Burundi’s Insurance Company BICOR ( BURUNDI INSURANCE CORPORATION ) celebrated on September 2, its 30th anniversary under the slogan: “Thirty years at BICOR is experience and innovation at the service of our customers”. It was an opportunity to present her innovative products: Family Pack, Transport Insurance Plan & Professional Insurance Plan.

In his opening remarks, Managing Director , Dr. Frédéric Ntimarubusa first thanked all those who positively responded to BICOR’s invitation for this historic ceremony, the members of the Board of Directors and staff of BICOR AG as well as all partners. In his address, Amb. Jean-Bosco Barege, the mayor’s representative, congratulated this insurance company for its very active participation in the development of the country and for its professional services to customers. He encouraged BICOR AG to redouble its efforts to better serve its customers with more dedication.

With 30 years of experience now, BICOR serves clients at all levels of their organization, to the extent of their abilities, as trusted advisors to senior management or as practical coaches to frontline employees. BICOR evolved to become a team with the most relevant experience and expertise that optimize business relationships by tailoring services to specific needs.

Certificates of recognition were awarded to the best clients and partners of BICOR AG: INTERPOL as the big and loyal client, ASCOMA Burundi as the first broker of BICOR AG to date, BGF as the Bank which has supported BICOR AG in the construction of its infrastructures Joris Budirigiza as the best representative of BICOR AG in terms of turnover, Novat Niyungeko for having been Director General of BICOR AG for 25 years (1995-2020) First local insurance company endowed with wholly private capital, BICOR obtained a license on September 2, 1991. The first insurance policy was issued on February 14, 1992. After 30 years of operations, the young company has risen to second place in the market in terms of premiums.

The BICOR group has been comfortably established in Burundi. In addition to its headquarters in Bujumbura, it is endowed with a network of agencies scattered nationwide.

Recognized within its borders, BICOR is also present on the regional African level. The group is a shareholder in the reinsurance companies, Africa Re and Zep Re. It is also a member of the Pan-African insurance network Globus.

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