EOI – Consultancy, Feasibility Study Olkaria VII 83 MW, Kenya

EOI – Consultancy, Feasibility Study Olkaria VII 83 MW, Kenya

Construction of Olkaria V geothermal power plant, Kenya Oct. 2018 (source: LinkedIn/ Roberto Razo) Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen) has launched a call for Expressions of Interest for Consultancy Services for the Feasibility Study of Olkaria VII- 83 MW geothermal power plant in the Olkaria field in Kenya. Date published: September 7, 2021

Tender closes: September 29, 2021 – 14:00

Tender document (pdf)

Scope of the Feasibility Study

The consulting services (“the Services”) will be for an estimated period of 8 months and the scope of services include but not limited to the following:

> Analysis of the well flow data for the wells assigned to Olkaria VII project development, determination of the optimal capacity for the proposed plant and depending on the characteristics of the wells, carry out technology options analysis, identify the suitable technology, optimum plant layout and location.

Identify a suitable site for the power plant;

Carry out site investigations that will include topographical survey and preliminary geotechnical investigations;

Undertake a power evacuation study that will involve power systems simulations for load flow, fault analysis and system stability;

Develop a conceptual design for the proposed power plant and associated infrastructure including the steam delivery, brine system and power evacuation system;

Carry out Preliminary Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (PESIA); Undertake financial and Economic Analysis and determine the LCOE; Carry out a risk analysis and mitigation; and Transfer of knowledge to client’s counterpart personnel. Eligibility Criteria It is anticipated that Consultants responding to this EoI will be from an individual firm or a consortium (with one firm designated as the lead firm).The consultant team should have references for consultancies carried out for geothermal power plant feasibility studies including steam & brine gathering systems, design, and operation of geothermal power plants.The Team Leader should be from the lead firm and should have a track record in preparation of geothermal power plant feasibility studies.It is further anticipated that local consultants will also be incorporated in the consultant team to meet the statuary local content requirement.Detailed references (or letters of commendation) of consulting assignments successfully carried out and certified curriculum vitae of key staff submitted.Interested consultants must provide information indicating that they are qualified to successfully undertake the feasibility study. Interested eligible consulting firms must meet the following minimum criteria: o Demonstrate ability and capacity to undertake the assignment; this should include evidence of experience in similar assignments with appropriate […]

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