Equitel charges for money transfer and withdrawals 2018

Equitel charges for money transfer and withdrawals 2018

With the invention of mobile money transfer at a cost such as those in the Equitel charges, the banking sector has since cabbed the long queue menace that was a common thing in the past. The enhancements have enabled customers to transfer money from bank accounts to their mobile phones and withdraw from agents without the hustles and bustles of going to the bank. Equity bank has taken the convenience a notch higher with their Equitel lines, thus easing money transfer for their customers and enabling efficient communication.What’s more, the services are availed at affordable Equitel charges. It is, therefore, significant for subscribers to understand the incurred Equitel charges and plan accordingly. This article provides you with Equitel charges for money transfers and withdrawals 2018. equity to mpesa charges equitel to mpesa charges mpesa to equity bank charges mpesa to equity charges The convenience of transacting via mobile only works if you understand the charges involved. It is especially necessary to understand these charges if you are transacting across networks or when two companies are involved. You need to know what costs are required to avoid feeling exploited. Equitel charges

Equity bank has been licensed by the communication authority to operate as a mobile virtual network operator (Equitel). Equitel was allowed by the Central Bank of Kenya to offer money transfer services. As much as Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) is just another network operator with its own distinct services and products, it depends on other networks to exist. It currently rides on the Airtel network.

With its ability to penetrate the market, it offers stiff competition to the mobile banking industry in Kenya. It comes with Equitel money transfer rates that are lower than those of other mobile operators. Let us delve deeper into the Equitel money transfer charges. Equity to Mpesa charges

Equity has made it possible for their customers to transfer money from their bank accounts directly into their Mpesa accounts. However, to withdraw cash from an Equity account to Mpesa or Mpesa from Equity, certain charges apply. The following are Equitel rates for Equitel money transfer charges. In the same table, you will find the Equitel to Mpesa charges, i.e., the applicable charges of money transfer from Equitel Money account to your Mpesa account. The Equitel charges are uniform across all other networks with mobile money. equitel withdrawal charges equitel rates mpesa to equitel charges […]

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