Vivo to set up Kisumu Airport fuel depot

Vivo to set up Kisumu Airport fuel depot

Kenya Airport Authority (KAA) has awarded a tender for the construction fuel depot at Kisumu International Airport to Vivo Energy Kenya. The proposed location is at the airside at the former Total aviation Fuel Depot.

According to Kisumu International Airport manager Selina Gor, this will be the only depot that will be based within an airport in Kenya. Jomo Kenyatta International Airport is establishing a similar fuel depot next to the Kenya Airways offices.

The Airport is strategically positioned to serve the great lake region and it is the third busiest in the country in terms of passenger movement and is accessible by road via public vehicles, taxis and private transport.

Ms Gor said that more than 30,0000 vehicles make their way in and out of Kisumu International Airport.

“The fuel depot is being established for the simple reason, there’s increased traffic at Kisumu International Airport. This will help in meeting the demand for aviation fuel services and associated activities for the airline operators,” She said.

She said with the establishment of a fuel depot, customer experience for Airport users and stakeholders will be improved.

The aviation fuel depot will have other amenities such as a carwash, ATM machines, eateries, chemist among others. The facility will be complete by the end of March.

“Currently we are sourcing for fuel from Wells Oil Limited which approx. 9.8 kilometres from Kisumu City. We have fire engines for any emergencies. It’s easier if they can get fuel from nearby sources,” she said.

The expansion of the airport infrastructure has brought about additional revenue through the provision of additional commercial sites for rentals and increased aircraft landing as well as the use of bigger aircraft.


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