Denmark to go after pirates in west Africa

The Danish Foreign Ministry has announced a new three-year strategy for combatting piracy that will see its efforts move to the coast of Nigeria for the first time.

Denmark on Thursday announced a new strategy for combating piracy and armed robbery on the high seas that will see the nation expand its into the Gulf of Guinea off the coast of Nigeria.

“With this strategy, Denmark will continue to be at the forefront of international efforts to combat piracy. Our activities will continue to focus on the Horn of Africa but as something new we will also carry out a range of activities in the Gulf of Guinea in western Africa where piracy and armed robbery at sea are the source of growing international concern,” Foreign Minister Martin Lidegaard said in a press release. 

The new anti-piracy strategy covers the years 2015-2018 and focuses on areas where Denmark has strategic maritime interests. The main focus of the efforts will continue to be off the coast of Somalia, where pirates cost the global trade industry nearly $7 billion a year, according to Oceans Beyond Piracy..

Maritime piracy by Somalians in the Horn of Africa hit its peak […]

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